Usage Policy

General principles

  • DAP is a not-for-profit and open platform that provides free access to individual end-users of the content it offers to enable them to read, print and copy materials for their personal use and any other uses permitted by copyright law. Overall, DAP aims to provide databases to enable the public to use them as legal precedents on points of law, practices and procedures of the Courts and public interest.
  • DAP is not a data repository; in that sense, it does not provide a service for other publishers to obtain documents from DAP for republication. Other publishers must obtain those documents from their original sources or by other appropriate and authorised means.
  • Regarding all documents it publishes, DAP does not give permission for the value-added content that it adds to documents (including hypertext markup and alternative citations) to be republished by others. This does not include any restriction on using neutral citations used by DAP, whether or not developed by DAP.
  • DAP specifically blocks all spiders and other automated agents from accessing its case law via the Robots Exclusion Standard. DAP`s policy is the same as nearly all similar organisations internationally. The reasons for this policy include (i) the need to allow compliance with take-down, anonymisation and other modification requests from courts and parties; (ii) the need to comply with licence conditions under which data have been provided to DAP; and (iii) the need to balance personal privacy against open access, particularly in relation to general purpose search engines.

End Use

  • Individual end-users of the DAP system are free to access, copy and print materials for their own use in accordance with copyright law;
  • In relation to case law, this is subject to (I)(d) above.


  • DAP is not the copyright owner of the source documents published on DAP and cannot give permission to reproduce those source documents.
  • DAP claims copyright in all value-added content that it adds to source documents (including hypertext markup and alternative citations). On request, DAP usually permits the reproduction of examples of this content for education or research purposes.

Reuse of DAP data by other commercial and non-commercial systems

  • DAP will not act as a data repository or supplier of source documents that it has obtained from its original sources to other publishers for republication. This applies to both active re-supply of documents and passive re-supply via spidering or other automated collection. It will be blocked when spidering or other automated collection for these purposes is apparent.

This policy may be amended at DAP’s discretion.

Digital Archiving Project

January 31, 2024

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